Ons repertoire
Christ the Lord is risen today - vertaling
Lead me to Calvary - vertaling
I will follow the way of the Cross - vertaling
I believe in miracles - vertaling
Blessed is the King - vertaling
I have come to serve - vertaling
Surely He is the Son of God - vertaling
Crucified with Christ - vertaling
He is alive! - vertaling
A Christmas Fantasy
Away in a manger - vertaling
Gloria of the angels - vertaling
Go tell it on the mountain - vertaling
Hark the Herald - vertaling
He is still the Christ of Christmas - vertaling
He is the Light of the world - vertaling
I heard the bells on Christmasday - vertaling
Kerst medley - vertaling
Mary was the first one
Mary dit you know? - vertaling
Miracle in a manger - vertaling
Never was a night - vertaling
O little town of Bethlehem - vertaling
Rejoice Emmanuel - vertaling
Sing Glory - vertaling
That's the Good News! - vertaling
The Christmas way - vertaling
The Cradle that rocked te world - vertaling
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Vertalingen: Paula Franken
Agnus Dei - vertaling
Alive forever Amen  - vertaling
All hail the power - vertaling
Awesome God - vertaling
Be at rest - vertaling
Blessings - vertaling
By Faith - vertaling
Come Glorify the Lord...  - vertaling
Crown You with praise - vertaling
Get together
Go like Elijah - vertaling
Heer, ontferm U
I'll say yes! - vertaling
In This House - vertaling
Like a mighty river - vertaling
Lord I need You - vertaling
Nothing compares - vertaling
People get ready - vertaling
Ride The Morning Winds - vertaling
Santo - vertaling
Shout To The Lord - vertaling
Sing - vertaling
Soon I Will Be Home - vertaling
So You would come - vertaling
Spirit, You guid us - vertaling
Still - vertaling
Testify To Love - vertaling
The Goodness Of The Lord - vertaling
The Light Of The World - vertaling
The love of my life - vertaling
To God all praise and glory - vertaling
To my Fathers House - vertaling
Wade in the water - vertaling
We will go - vertaling
Who am I - vertaling
Yes, I believe - vertaling